We offer different proven methods to support product development in different phases.


  1. Business- and concept development
    We work cooperation with business designers at Krinova (https://www.krinova.se/en/ )
    Together the business designers at Krinova, we support you to develop your idea, products and concept.
  2. Recipe formulation
    How should the product taste and what ingredients should be used? A complex step that takes time and requires insight and different competencies.

  3. Design and choice of packaging
    An important factor to communicate your product, at the same time a positioning question for cost and expression.
  4. Test production and prototypes
    In our pilot factory we have a range of equipment to help you trial, test and develop the right methods for your specific product.
  5. Commercial production.
    We offer a bottle filling line as well as a bag in box-filling.
  6. Distribution.
    Important aspect to have in mind early on. Warehousing and how the product shall reach the market.